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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

RIP. Prof.P.S.Subramanium.

P.S.Subramanian - fondly known as PS to all his friends and acquaintances - passed away on 2nd Nov. 2006 at night at the St. John's Hospital, Bangalore. He was ailing for a short period of time. He led a life dedicated to the cause of science & technology in India which is a model of inspiration.

PS was born on 26th Jan. 1948. He lost his father when he was merely two and a half years old. He was brought up at a relative's place in Mumbai while his mother was with another relative in Chennai. As a student, he had to share a small (even by Mumbai standards) house with 15 other people. So there was no way he could study during the day. The only way he could study at night without disturbing the others was to use a torch under the cover of a bed sheet! Sleeping hours were therefore shifted to the time between the end of classes and other peoples' bedtime. As a result, his relatives thought he was a loafer and, in great concern, called his mother from Chennai to talk to the principal. The principal was quite amused with the `loafer' theory and assured them that he was one of their best students!

After PS completed his engineering education, he joined the Indian Railways. His job was to carry out maintenance and repair of electric and diesel-electric locomotives and then test-run them on the tracks. The repair and maintenance required him to go under the locomotive and carry out checks on the circuitry. Since this was quite inconvenient and made his clothes dirty, he wanted to find another method. He devised a method by which he could do all the diagnosis by carrying out electronic tests from inside the cabin of the locomotive and then deducing the faults. He had independently rediscovered the concept and methodology of fault coverage!

Upon seeing what PS had done, his enlightened and visionary supervisor from the railways bought him a book on Computers. Thus was PS inducted into a `new' world that we now take for granted.

A chance sighting of an advertisement made PS apply to the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). On the interview panel was Prof. Narasimhan who founded the school for computer science in TIFR. He wrote a string of zeroes and ones on the board and asked PS what it meant. PS said that the meaning depended on the semantics which was determined by the context. If the string was presented to an arithmetic unit, it could be a number; if presented to a string manipulator, it could be a string of characters in ASCII; if presented to an instruction decoder, it could be an op code and so on. The comprehensiveness and articulation of the answer and the use of the apt word "semantics" so impressed Prof. Narasimhan that PS was immediately hired.

PS spent about 30 years in TIFR working on all aspects of electronics and computer science. While being quite at ease with the most abstruse of mathematics, he was also good `with his hands' and was responsible for designing and prototyping India's first four- functional calculator.

One of the major contributions that PS made in TIFR was to VLSI. He headed the VLSI Task Force set up by the Govt. of India and wrote a report like no other. In response to the recommendations in the report, the govt. set up VLSI Design Centres in all the IITs and IISc. These centres seeded VLSI activity in India which has blossomed today to stand up to global competition. One of the achievements of these centres was the development of a hardware description language called IDEAL (Integrated Design Automation Language) and an EDA tool suite called IDEAS (Integrated Design Automation System) that was used successfully by engineers from the Semiconductor Complex Limited to design chips.

After TIFR, PS joined Sasken Communication technologies in Bangalore where he set up and guided the R&D team.

In 2002, PS joined the Embedded Systems team in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and made technical contributions to a large number and variety of fields. Besides leading R&D in Multimedia, he led TCS' participation in the EU-sponsored R&D consortium E2R (End-to- End Reconfigurability) which deals with reconfiguration of telecom networks in response to context changes. Not satisfied with routine engineering, PS developed a `processor design paradigm' for reconfigurability, essentially creating a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for solving the problem.

.. All the people around him picked his brains and he guided and inspired many PhD students .. Any discussion with PS was like a spiritual experience. All those who have known him will miss his presence but draw inspiration from his memories for the rest of their lives.

His favourite topics and books recommended by him include: Lawvere's category theory, Hodges' model theory, Abramovici's digital system testing, Smullyan's To mock a mockingbird, history of galois theory, galois theory applied to sofware developement, software radio, and combinatorial proofs.

pss homepage.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wesley Tamil Church on Residency Road (near Brigade Road)

Flower sellers near Airport Road HAL Market, Bangalore.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Man in Red in Jayanagar

Angry lady waiting for a bus in Bangalore\

Temple at the Bus stop

Hotel Bawa

Bangalore cop keeps the traffic flowing during the rush hour.

Hari Om, prayers to the Lord by the pious and the Powerful.

Friends in the Concrete Jungle

Clash of the Green Lady and the Cyclist at Malleshwaram

Bangalore boys

KFC at ITPL Bangalore, why eat fresh food when you can get frozen fat?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Room with a view

Doll's House

House on the golden sand in Goa

Sun and Hay in Goa

Coconut trees at Calangute beach, Goa

Sunset in Goa, dil chata hai

Dog in the manger, feller of flies
I see a stranger laughing in your lies
Though I don't know how.

Morjim Beach (Turtle Beach) / Asvem Beach

Rich man's poor house in goa

Outdoor toilet in goa.

House by the water front

Goa house

Cafe Mambo, Goa

Goa waterfront

Frozen Goa in a Bottle.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

"Stick No Bills" said the sign in English on HAL wall, Hindi and Kannada, but the Southern language proponents have blacked out the writing in Hindi. It means, don't put bill board ads on this wall. Every wall without this notice is covered with cheap ads. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

The house in the forest. Posted by Hello

The Lord and the king outside Shanthi Sagar in Domlur, a fast food joint, serving Sasians of Sasken. Posted by Hello

Mandatory shot of inside of an Autorickshaw following the trend set by google founders. Posted by Hello

Service with a Smile is his motto, something you will never find out. Posted by Hello

The traffic cop from Echo watches the traffic, while the people do their washing under the water tank in Domlur. Posted by Hello

Gardener on Airport Road examining the weeds in the grass. Posted by Hello

New Horizon school next to Sasi (Sasken, Sas) on 100 feet road is in Pursuit of Excellence since 1970. Posted by Hello

Food world says the sign, while the hungry watchmen keep a watch on the hungrier men on CMH Road. Posted by Hello

A pot and mask for all occasioins to keep water and scare the demons and the evil eye of the neighbours? Posted by Hello

Bored flower ladies threading roses and jasmine in a mala fit for the Gods. Posted by Hello

Fruitseller in Tipusundra market yawns at the dark lady in a sari. He is selling Papayas, Chikkoo, Mosumbi, Apples, Pineapples, Grapes, Pomegrantes under a sign that says "Pay and Use Toilets 100 meters (mod parent for MKS units)". Posted by Hello